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TRUST: A #Dads4Hillary Video

Trust Hillary Clinton

Trust. What is it? Is it given? Is it earned? Do we need it?

According to the dictionary, trust is a “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” It is a “hope or expectation.”

Then perhaps the question is, do we deserve it? Because a lot of Americans aren’t acting like it.

We are in an election cycle that has pitted a Blabbering Hate Machine™ against a woman of strength, intelligence, experience and character, and yet the media has gone to great lengths to promote the former as a serious contender, while attempting to lower the latter in a manner that defies explanation. Donald Trump suggests that Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy, and the press, in an attempt to present the candidates on something akin to equal footing, treats his allegations as news worth reporting.

The fact is, it’s not.

Hillary Clinton has been under a microscope, the likes none of us will ever know, for her entire adult life. Detractors and deplorables have gone to great lengths to paint her as someone less than honest, but time and again the truth wills out.

Hillary Clinton is a person we can trust, and she is our candidate for the President of the United States.

To promote our support we have called upon some of our good friends, fathers all, to share their feelings on Hillary Clinton, why they support her, and, perhaps most importantly, why it is that they trust her.

We trust Hillary Clinton.


Special thanks to the dads (and their respective kids) appearing in the video: Matt Schneider, Jeff Bogle, David Vienna, Jason Sperber, Mike Adamick, Christopher Persley, Brent Almond, and John Kinnear, (and us, Carter Gaddis and Whit Honea).

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