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FTC Outs 4 Cancer ‘Charities’ as Frauds

The Federal Trade Commission announced today that four organizations posing as charities for cancer fund-raising had defrauded the public to the tune of $187 million.

In a detailed news release, the FTC said the Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services Inc., Children’s Cancer Fund of America and the Breast Cancer Society Inc. had been targeted and exposed as the result of a nationwide investigation that included 58 law enforcement agencies.

The organizations claimed to raise money to help cancer patients pay for treatment and hospice care. Instead, the investigation found that most of the money raised was used to pay for cars, vacations, cruises, college tuition, event tickets, jet ski outings and other lifestyle enhancements.

Through¬†settlements, the Children’s Cancer Fund and the Breast Cancer Society agreed to¬†dissolve. The head of the Cancer Fund of America and Cancer Support Services, James Reynolds Sr., will fight the charges.

Here is an infographic provided by the FTC to explain the charges and how the money was spent.


FTC Cancer Charity Scam


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