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Nov. 22: Join Disney, generationOn for Family Volunteer Day

Disney Friends for Change

One reason Dads4Change was established was to try to inspire parents to model socially responsible behavior for their kids. Family Volunteer Day, a project co-coordinated by Disney Friends for Change and generationGo, is the perfect opportunity to put that idea into action.

What is Family Volunteer Day? We’ll let the folks from Friends for Change and generationGo take that one:

“Family Volunteer Day is a day of service that demonstrates and celebrates the power of families who volunteer together; supporting their neighborhoods, communities and the world.”

Not sure how to get started? The Family Volunteer Day website can help you find a project near you. Simply plug in your zip code and let the good times (and good feelings) roll. There also are tips to help you plan your own Family Volunteer Day project, if your family is the pioneering type.

Family Volunteer Day doesn’t end with one day’s worth of good works, either. The idea is to help make doing good a habit. The event organizers encourage parents to help their kids reflect on how they made a difference by spending a while afterward answering questions such as:

  • What did you learn from doing this project?
  • How did doing this project make you feel?
  • How did our project help people?
  • What worked well about our project?
  • What can we do better next time?
  • What is our next service project?

The Disney connection this year is the gang from Big Hero 6, one of our favorite animated films of the year. The theme is simple, but perfect: Family and friends make a powerful team.

To get involved with Family Volunteer Day, or to learn more about Friends for Change and generationGo, check out the Family Volunteer Day webpage.




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