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We’re a “make a better tomorrow site,” and now, more than ever, that involves politics.

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Why We Stand With Planned Parenthood

The AHCA would impose draconian restrictions on private insurance coverage for abortion; wrest Medicaid coverage from low-income women and their families; and impose greater costs on women’s basic reproductive health care, like maternity care and birth control. Congress should not be playing politics with women’s health. We all need to #StandWithPP.

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Welcome to the Party, Pals

Hello! My name is Charlie and I’m going to confess something to you: I’m not a very good activist. I’m not the smartest guy, the most well-informed, the most charismatic or the most patient. Hell, I’m not a good example of much if I take a minute to really look myself up close. I’m just a middle-class white guy with a…

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Dads Share Worries & Hopes for Post-Obama Era

It’s actually happening. It’s time to say goodbye to President Barack Obama and hello to … what? We and a group of writing dads share hopes and worries in the post-Obama era.

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Rise Up for Teachers & Education in Post-Obama America

We believe … that it’s incumbent on every parent to shoulder his or her share of the educational lift. We ask that you reject the concept of “post-truth,” that you embrace the importance of learning, that you do all you can to shift our world back off this perilous course.

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Goodbye, 2016: Don’t Let the Dumpster Lid Hit You

The dumpster fire that is 2016 is finally ending, but that doesn’t mean we can start celebrating just yet. 2017 promises its own set of challenges and the occasions we must rise to! The good news: we’ve got this.

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Thanksgiving Drinks: Sips, Tips and Holiday Survival

Do drinking and the holidays go together like, um, drinking and the holidays?

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TRUST: A #Dads4Hillary Video

We believe Hillary Clinton is THE trustworthy and qualified choice for President of the United States, and, along with a bunch of our friends, share our reasons why in the attached video. We encourage you to join us, and to add your declaration of trust to the movement. Join #Dads4Hillary!

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We Watch the Olympics for the Stories

Perhaps nothing showcases the spirit of the Olympics more than Team Refugees.

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What We Can Learn From “He Named Me Malala”

Girls are treated poorly all around the world and one of the cornerstones to empowerment and change is education. Malala Yousafzai is trying to make that happen, and you can help. “He Named Me Malala” opens today. See it. Tell everybody.

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Why the Shoe Fits: Change Matters

Carter Gaddis writes that change is inevitable, and it is good. It also is needed, because to suffer the status quo is to relinquish our humanity. We must think about change, talk about change, and act to improve our world.

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