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Rise Up for Teachers & Education in Post-Obama America

We believe … that it’s incumbent on every parent to shoulder his or her share of the educational lift. We ask that you reject the concept of “post-truth,” that you embrace the importance of learning, that you do all you can to shift our world back off this perilous course.

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TRUST: A #Dads4Hillary Video

We believe Hillary Clinton is THE trustworthy and qualified choice for President of the United States, and, along with a bunch of our friends, share our reasons why in the attached video. We encourage you to join us, and to add your declaration of trust to the movement. Join #Dads4Hillary!

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And the Walking Dads Walk: Hadrian’s Wall for Camp Kesem

This summer a group of 12 men will walk the length of Hadrian’s Wall in the United Kingdom to raise money for a new Camp Kesem location that honors the memory of Oren Miller. They could use your help.

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The Story of Cancer: What Happens Next?

We all have a cancer story. Your story is mine. Mine is yours. Let’s tell the story boldly, with purpose. Let’s write our own ending together.

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Let’s Make Cancer History

World Cancer Day reminds us that cancer never takes a day off. Neither do we. We will fight it and end it with love and courage. And we will do it together. We are coming for you, cancer. You will soon be history.

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“The Gnomist” or How to Live a Life With Grace and Kindness

There is magic everywhere. Sometimes you make it and sometimes you find it. Go out and do a bit of both.

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The Trump Joke Has Run Its Course

Blogger Matt Brennan jumps aboard D4C to say it is time to stand up and use our critical thinking skills. Let us limit the conversation to candidates who espouse ideas that aren’t distinctly un-American. Let us not fall for hate.

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KIND Spotting is #kindawesome

Kindness can happen anywhere, any time. For instance: on an interstate highway, 300 miles from home. We were well into our family’s annual Thanksgiving road trip to North Carolina a couple of weeks ago when my iPhone buzzed. It was a text message from our next-door neighbor. “The four of you in NC right?” I texted back: “On our way.…

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Dads 4 Change Joins Modern Dads Podcast for #GivingTuesday

Dads 4 Change founders Whit and Carter talk Giving Tuesday and more with City Dads Group on the Modern Dads Podcast.

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Help Kmart help St. Jude: Buy a Giving Hat

Buy a Giving Hat from Kmart and help St. Jude fight pediatric cancer.

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