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Help Teens Put on the B.R.A.K.E.S.

NHRA drag racing star Doug Herbert is the founder of B.R.A.K.E.S., an organization committed to helping young drivers become more conscientious and confident in their driving abilities.

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The Kids Are All Right, And They Can Do Good, Too!

There’s a lot of good to be done in the world, and there’s no reason that the kids can’t be a part of it. In fact, they probably want to be. Let’s let them. Here is a story by co-founder Whit Honea about his son following his own passion. Warning: There’s a lot of bragging.

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Spare Change 4 Change: How We’ll Help the Walking Dads

We can’t travel to England to walk Hadrian’s Wall, but we’ll contribute as much as we can to Camp Kesem by scraping together our spare change between now and July. You can, too!

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What We Can Learn From “He Named Me Malala”

Girls are treated poorly all around the world and one of the cornerstones to empowerment and change is education. Malala Yousafzai is trying to make that happen, and you can help. “He Named Me Malala” opens today. See it. Tell everybody.

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Disney is Doing Good This Summer with Kids That Do Good

Like D4C, Disney is all about storytelling, creativity, social good and citizenship. This summer they will showcase some wonderful kids doing amazing things. Be a part of it.

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A Walk on Water and Thanks for All the Phineas & Ferb

Phineas & Ferb is ending and we have an original drawing to give away from co-creator Jeff “Swampy” Marsh! All you have to do to enter is help raise awareness for A Walk on Water—an organization providing water therapy through surf instruction for kids with special needs. Read more for details!

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Club Penguin Gives Coins, Help, & Hope

Disney’s Club Penguin is an incredibly charitable company, and the fact that they get kids involved in campaigns of citizenship and social good is downright inspiring. Check out their igloo.

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D4C Spotlight: Project Sunlight by Unilever

We love it when we see big companies like Unilever doing small, good things. And when those good acts shine a light on how kids can make a difference in the world, it’s right in the Dads 4 Change wheelhouse. Project Sunlight by Unilever helps shine a light on ways for kids to end hunger, provide clean water, encourage sanitary conditions, and prevent disease.

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Teen Turns the Other Cheek on Bully, Inspires Positive Post-it Day

Canadian teen Caitlin Haacke did something that many of us would find difficult to do—rather than let the hateful words of a bully get her down she turned them into the inspiration to pay kindness forward. Positive Post-it Day sticks happiness wherever we need it.

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Club Penguin Gets Kids Involved in Bullying Prevention Month

Club Penguin provides players the opportunity to stand up and be heard in their support of Bullying Prevention Month. Go get that megaphone and spread the word, kids!

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