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What is Dads 4 Change (or D4C if you are really in a hurry)?

Dads 4 Change is a place to share causes that dads believe in, work with, donate to, and support through countless types of charitable action. Dads 4 Change is a showcase for inspiration, a call to action, and a tool to help others get involved.

Why does Dads 4 Change focus primarily on dads?

We focus on dads because we are dads, and this is what we know. By no means are we suggesting that dads do more for charitable causes than moms or non-parents. We are dads. This is our community. We are happy you are here.

How do you pick the charities and causes featured on Dads 4 Change?

We are always adding new partners and would love to talk to you about the cause(s) close to you. Please contact us and tell us all about it.

Is Dads 4 Change affiliated with any political or religious organizations?

No, we are not directly affiliated with political or religious organizations; however, it is likely that various charities and groups featured on Dads 4 Change may have political or religious backing. We don’t judge those that do good.

Do you run sponsored content or work directly with brands or organizations on Dads 4 Change?

We are not opposed to any of the above as long as the information put forward by said sponsors, brands, or organizations is one of citizenship, positive action, and goodwill. Money raised by Dads 4 Change will go toward charitable causes or into the overall maintenance and running of the site.

Who am I talking to? Who is behind the curtain of Dads 4 Change?

DO NOT LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN. Seriously, we haven’t vacuumed in days and it’s embarrassing. But if you must know, Dads 4 Change is Carter Gaddis, Charlie Capen, and Whit Honea, three guys that spend way too much time on the internet. Read more on our About Us page.

How do I contact Dads 4 Change?

You can reach us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or right here.


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