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Teen Turns the Other Cheek on Bully, Inspires Positive Post-it Day

October 9th has come and gone, and with it an organized opportunity to do something really special: Positive Post-it Day—all of it inspired by the courage and creativity of Caitlin Haacke, a Canadian teen that was bullied by a classmate. Rather than let the words of a bully bring her down Haacke paid kindness forward and in doing so started a movement, the aforementioned Positive Post-it Day, and we hope that it sticks around.

The official day may have passed, but all of October is Bullying Prevention Month and there is plenty of time for the rest of us to do something positive. In fact, don’t let the confines of the calendar box you in, spread your anti-bullying message any time you want. Some things we always need to hear.

For more information on the Positive Post-It Campaign that was created by three local moms inspired by Haacke’s actions, please visit their Facebook page. Haacke’s official page can be found here.

2 comments for “Teen Turns the Other Cheek on Bully, Inspires Positive Post-it Day

  1. ThePositivePostItCampaign
    October 14, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    Hello, Dads4Change! Thank you so much for the mention, much appreciated. Yes, the actual day has come and gone, but as you said, the positive messages don’t need a calendar date to continue, so by all means, everyone – keep it going!

    The Positive Post-It Campaign is a separate entity started by 3 moms in the local community, upon hearing the school’s response to the student. Our community wanted to be sure that her efforts did not go unnoticed – and it’s pretty clear now, they didn’t! The focus of the page will change in the coming weeks, as we strive to work toward positive changes within our communities and bullying concerns. However, we do intend to pick a specific day each year, to blitz our community and when we will encourage other communities, groups, businesses, local government/national government to blitz their local area with Positive Post-Its. Please keep a regular eye out on the Positive Post-It Campaign page! We’re not done yet!

    Much love and great thanks,

    The Positive Post-it Campaign Administrative Team

    • October 14, 2014 at 12:33 pm

      We look forward to it! Thank you for doing good!

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